​Accessible Getaways

Who We Are

After several years as a full-time caregiver, I decided to look for something that I was passionate about. I initially started a travel blog in hopes of helping families in realizing that you can still enjoy travelling, regardless of your disability. It does take a lot more planning and there are many places that just aren’t accessible, but there is still many options out there.  The accessible travel department at Frederick Travel has over 10 years of experience booking wheelchair travel for clients all over the world and I am very fortunate to have join their team. Just a little background on who we are… My husband Shawn suffered a severe brain injury in a motor vehicle accident. His injuries not only left him with physical injuries but cognitive ones as well. Due to his hemiplegia (left-side paralysis), he is a full-time power chair user and requires assistance with all transfers and activities of daily living. His disabilities have not held us back and I am more than eager to share our experiences and help others book the vacations of their dreams. Don't let your disability hold you back from living life!!