‚ÄčAccessible Getaways

Do you provide caregivers to travel with?
Accessible Getaways does not provide caregivers to travel with.  Our best advice is always to travel with your own caregiver.  It would be cheaper than hiring an attendant from an outside agency anyway, not to mention that your own caregiver would already be familiar with your needs.

Accessible Getaways vs. Frederick Travel -- what's the difference?
Nothing really.  The easiest way to put it would be that Accessible Getaways is the accessible travel department at Frederick Travel.  Frederick Travel is a full-service travel agency with divisions specializing in Corporate, Leisure, and Accessible Travel (Accessible Getaways).


I'm just looking for information on accessibility at a particular destination?  Can you help with that?
Please keep in mind that we are a for-profit business, not simply a free information source.  If you have some general questions or are looking for some ideas on accessible ports, by all means please contact us.  We are always happy to discuss the accessibility of ports in a general way.  However, for those who do not book their cruise through us, we do not disclose the names of the resources that we use in specific destinations, such as accessible hotel names or the names of transportation companies.  We would much prefer that you make your travel arrangements through us.  Our travel experience and knowledge of accessibility issues will ensure that only the most accessible arrangements are made for you and that you experience a pleasant, hassle-free vacation.

I was reading through one of your travel reviews -- can you tell me the name of the hotel that you stayed at?  Where did you rent your medical equipment from?
We do not disclose the names of our resources to those who do not book with us. This includes names of accessible hotels, medical companies, and transportation companies. Please bear in mind that we are a for-profit business, not a free information source, and therefore we can not afford to simply give out free information if you do not intend to book with us.  We would much prefer that you make your travel arrangements through us.  Our travel experience and knowledge of accessibility issues will ensure that only the most accessible arrangements are made for you and that you experience a pleasant, hassle-free vacation.

Is it more expensive to book an accessible vacation than it would be to book a vacation for an able-bodied person?
It depends.  The cost of an accessible hotel/resort room or an accessible cruise ship cabin is the same cost that an able-bodied person would pay for a regular room or cabin in the same category (even though the accessible room/cabin may be bigger).  For most airlines, seats are also the same cost whether you are disabled or able-bodied (see a couple exceptions).  Where an accessible vacation would become more expensive is when you require the rental of medical equipment on the ship, or when you require accessible transportation for airport transfers and tours.  For cruises, most cruise lines are able to arrange accessible airport-to-ship transfers in North America for the same price that they regularly charge able-bodied passengers; however, accessible transfers in Europe usually need to be arranged privately and cost substantially more than what a transfer by a regular vehicle would cost.  Sightseeing excursions in Europe are also an additional cost since most sightseeing companies do not have accessible vehicles, and therefore private tours must be arranged through companies that have accessible vehicles.

I live far away from where your agency is located -- can I make travel arrangements through you?
Absolutely!  99% of our clients are long-distance clients.  Most of our clients come from all over Canada.  All travel arrangements are made through e-mail, fax, or over the phone, so there is no need at all to come into our office.

Do you offer "disabled discounts"?
Hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and most airlines do not offer discounts for disabled travelers (although there are a couple exceptions).  The one area where there are discounts available is in the admission costs of many sightseeing attractions.  For example, many tourist attractions throughout Europe offer free admission for a wheelchair user and one travel companion.


Do you charge a fee for your services?  Is it more expensive to book through you than on my own?
Usually not.  As a full-service travel agency, we earn commissions from tour operators and cruise lines.  So, when you book the bulk of your arrangements through us -- such as shore excursions and a cruise, there is no extra cost for you.  You would pay the same cost through us that you would pay if you book it directly on your own through a cruise line or tour operator.  Plus, you would have the added benefit of our experienced staff making sure that the most accessible arrangements are made for you.  As specialists in accessible travel arrangements, we know which destinations and cruise lines offer the best access for you.

Unfortunately, there are times when we need to charge a service fee.  For example, most airlines no longer pay commissions to travel agencies.  So, if you would like us to look after your flight arrangements only, we would need to charge a fee.  This fee is usually waived if you book your cruise with us.  We would also charge a fee in the instance where all you would like from us is information about a particular destination, such as the name of a hotel or the name of an accessible transportation company .  Since we specialize in accessible travel and we are a for-profit business, we prefer that clients make their travel arrangements through us.  Therefore, we do not give out free information.